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    Our high-quality nylon fastening roll straps are always a perfect fit no matter how long, where or how often they’re used.

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    LTC schneidbar

    LTC ROLL STRAPS can be easily cut with scissors to perfectly fit your plans.


    LTC roll straps Anwendung Lichterkette rot

    You can open and close the nylon fastening straps as often as you want. Their powerful adhesiveness offers perfect hold – even with frequent use.

    Different colours

    LTC roll straps farblich

    LTC ROLL STRAPS come in various colours. That way, you can not only sort and bundle your cables but colour code them as well.

    Other benefits

    LTC Klettband extra weich

    extra soft

    LTC ROLL STRAPS have a surface material made of ultra soft velour, which makes them ideal for sensitive cables or plants.

    LTC wiederverwendbar


    Good for the environment and your wallet: You can open and close the double-sided nylon fastening tape as often as you like and reuse it for all kinds of purposes.

    LTC roll straps Pflanze schwarz

    heat & cold resistant

    The LTC ROLL STRAPS are extremely durable and can be used outdoors all year-round.

    LTC rollstraps hundetuete


    The double-sided nylon fastening straps can be used for almost any kind of purpose, from households and the garage - to balconies and even camping.

    LTC roll straps closeup

    practically dust-free

    Thanks to their small hooks, LTC ROLL STRAPS are dust-resistant for a even longer service life.

    Application tips

    Daily helpers

    LTC rollstraps taschenlampe

    The double-sided nylon fastening tape comes in handy at home and while on-the-go and can help fasten anything from a flashlight to a tree or a cool pack to a hand.


    LTC rollstrap coolpack

    Be careful not to cut the attached nylon fastening strap too short. Or better, yet don’t shorten it at all. That way it can be reuse it for other purposes.

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    Full length?

    • LTC Roll Strap packshot black PRO
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      For all those who can’t get enough,

      our LTC ROLL STRAP is also available in a 25 m format.


      name article number colour RSP
      ROLL STRAPS 4 x 1 m LTC 1230 mixed 8,99 Euro
      ROLL STRAP 3 m LTC 1210 black 6,99 Euro
      ROLL STRAP 3 m LTC 1220 white 6,99 Euro
      ROLL STRAP 25 m PRO 1210 black 39,99 Euro
      ROLL STRAP 25 m PRO 1220 white 39,99 Euro
      ROLL STRAP 25 m PRO 1240 yellow 39,99 Euro
      ROLL STRAP 25 m PRO 1250 blue 39,99 Euro
      ROLL STRAP 25 m PRO 1260 red 39,99 Euro


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      All information regarding LTC ROLL STRAPS can be found here as a PDF

      datasheet LTC ROLL STRAPS (PDF, 1.6 MB)
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