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    The self-adhesive cable holders are inconspicuous and flat. That way, the cables don’t stand out when attached to walls or behind furniture.

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    Thanks to their integrated adhesive surface, LTC WALL STRAPS are fastened in no time on walls, furniture and baseboards.


    LTC wall straps maximal vier Kabel

    No matter where you take out or lay a cable, their powerful adhesion guarantees optimal hold for up to four cables.

    Extra flat

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    Unlike other cable guides, LTC WALL STRAPS are extra flat. This makes them ideal for cables running along or behind furniture.

    Other benefits

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    heat & cold resistant

    LTC WALL STRAPS are extremely durable and can also be used for outdoor purposes in summer and winter. When applying outside, the surface should not be too cold, so that the adhesive properties can achieve their full effect.

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    The self-adhesive nylon fastening holders are not only suitable for cable routing and can be used to fixate other items.


    The LTC WALL STRAPS are easy to remove and leave no unsightly marks. Note that due to their strong adhesiveness of the cable holders, wallpaper or walls with multiple coats of paint can be affected.

    Application tips

    Optimal surfaces

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    For best results, the cable holders are ideally attached to clean, smooth surfaces. Avoid tugging on them too strongly.

    Fixing cables

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    LTC WALL STRAPS not only help route cables but also offer secure hold to where you want cables, like on desks for instance.

    They’re also great for crafts

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    There’s no end to their creative uses, like making quick and easy Halloween decorations.


    1. Preparing the ground

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    To ensure optimal grip, the ground must not be too cold and free of dust and grease.

    2. Glue WALL STRAP

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    Remove the protective film and glue the nylon fastening holder onto the desired location. The narrow end must never point downwards.

    3.  Shorten according to need

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    Depending on cable thickness, it can happen that some fastening material overlaps. This can simply be shortened with scissors.

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      Want more?

      • LTC wall strap pro 50 stck
      • LTC wall strap pro 50 stck

        For all those who can’t get enough,

        LTC WALL STRAPS are also available in large packages containing 50 pieces.


        name article number colour RSP
        WALL STRAPS 10 pc LTC 3110 black 6,99 Euro
        WALL STRAPS 10 pc LTC 3120 white 6,99 Euro
        WALL STRAPS 50 pc PRO 3110 black 29,99 Euro
        WALL STRAPS 50 pc PRO 3110 white 29,99 Euro


        If you’d like product illustrations, listing data, explanatory texts or product display recommendations for retail, please contact us. We’d be happy to help:

        All information regarding LTC WALL STRAPS can be found here as a PDF

        datasheet LTC WALL STRAPS (PDF, 1.3 MB)
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