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    The flexible and self-sealing cable hose is ideal for bundling, routing and arranging cables.

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      LTC cable tube selbstschliessend

      The cable hose easily wraps around the cables you want to bundle. No tools are required and devices are not clogged during the process.

      shorten to any length

      LTC cable tube kürzbar

      The robust fabric of the cable hose can be easily shortened to any desired length with scissors.


      LTC cable tube flexibel und faltenfrei

      The LTC CABLE TUBE is extremely flexible. It can also be easily installed in corners, curves and sharp angles, without wrinkling.

      Other benefits

      LTC cable tube variabler Durchmesser

      variable diameter

      The diameter of the LTC CABLE TUBE automatically adjusts to the thickness of the cable strand.

      LTC cable tube schnittfest


      You can seal small fringes that can appear during shortening with a lighter. But it’s not necessary: the material of the LTC CABLE TUBE effectively holds its form.

      LTC cable tube individualisierbar


      You can use or route cables anywhere, according to your needs. A simple cut made about halfway up the cable is sufficient.

      heat & cold resistant

      The odourless LTC CABLE TUBE is extremely durable and withstands temperatures from - 50 ° C to 150 ° C. This makes it ideal for outdoor use or extreme locations.

      LTC cable tube nagerschutz Kindersicherung

      more safety for all

      The LTC CABLE TUBE effectively protects children or pets from accidents or mishaps.

      dust & dirt resistant, washable

      The hose offers optimal protection from dust and grease. It’s dust-repellent and can be easily vacuumed or wiped clean with a cloth. When needed, it can be washed at up to 60 ° C.

      How can I arrange individual cables?

      1.  Cut the cable hose

      LTC cable tube Kabel ausführen 1

      Open the cable hose at the desired spot and simply cut it with scissors about halfway through.

      2.  Routing the cable

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      Now you can guide the desired cable through the cut section of the cable hose.

      3. Connect the cable hose

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      Insert the cable hose again around the remaining cables and voila, your individual cable solution is ready!

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        Full length

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        • LTC cabletube pro white

          For all those who can’t get enough,

          our LTC CABLE TUBE is also available in a 25 m format.


          name article number colour RSP
          CABLE TUBE 2 m LTC 5110 black 24,99 Euro
          CABLE TUBE 2 m LTC 5120 white 24,99 Euro
          CABLE TUBE 25 m PRO 5110 black 224,99 Euro
          CABLE TUBE 25 m PRO 5120 white 224,99 Euro


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          All information regarding LTC CABLE TUBE can be found here as a PDF.

          Datasheet LTC CABLE TUBE (PDF, 1.3 MB)
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